Recently I have received and been tagged in a terrible new story from the mainland: The government is planning to crack down on "crazy English" or Chinglish, on signs and posters throughout the nation. Again. I think it was four years ago that they threatened something similar, which inspired me to write a column about it: 


Yes, yes, I can understand! Who wants to see "C*** Examination" in the gynaecological department of an international hospital in Beijing? It's still funny though. And again I hope fervently the Chinglish will never stop. But it will. And by the way, Lie Fallow Agora in Shenzhen mentioned in the column above, is now boring old Leisure City. Ya-a-a-awn! 


休息 (Yau Sek) Rest, relax

英文 (Ying Man) English language

深圳 (Sam Jan) Deep drain/Shenzhen 

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