Happy Jellyfish offers a range of course types to suit all learners, locations and lifestyles.

Cantonese tutorial class

Private / small group, crash courses, skype and corporate classes are available.

Classes are practical, interactive and fun.

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Cantonese self-study videos - digital downloads

Cantonese - The Movie

“DID YOU KNOW THAT Cantonese has no word for YES or NO?

But… but how can this be? you're probably thinking. Without yes and no, how can you answer Yes/No questions? It's easy! Just download Cantonese – The Movie and all will be explained.


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Going Native

You have watched Cantonese – The Movie and feel more confident about your Canto. Now it's time to crank up the action! Going Native takes you from beginner to intermediate level – again without really trying!

Warning: Contains full frontal nudity.


Fortune Cookie Express

Cecilie eats her way across Americas Chinese restaurants speaking only Cantonese. If the staff don’t speak Cantonese then she leaves….unless she is really hungry.

Yam Cha 

Find out about the delicacies of Yam Cha.

Don't Joke on the Stairs

Cecilie visits China and looks at the fun side of life. 


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