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Easter Podcast With Guest Stars!

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Easter was wonderful this year. Good weather and a new restaurant opened on Pui O Beach, the beer was flowing and my recording device was working overtime!


Running Interview Live from Garden Café

Interviewing Zein outside Garden Cafe

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed the beautiful and delightful Zein Williams, mother of three and tireless champion for the Nepali people about her life and work – with the earthquake victims especially – before she rushed off to scale some summit or other.

Tune in to Radio Lantau to hear the interview on archive. As usual – scroll down until you jolly well see it!


尼泊爾 – Lei Bok Yi (Nepal)
地震 – Dei chan (earthquake)
你有幾多仔女? – Lei yau gei do tsai leui? (You have how many children?)

Today’s Classifier: 條

一條路 (Yat tiu lou) (one stick of road.) Well, footpath really, but you get my little driftie. Yeah, I love 條。It’s the classifier for long and thin, bendable or bending things, like a river:

一條河 (Yat tiu ho) or a snake: 一條蛇 (yat tiu se), a pair of trousers: 一條褲 (yat tiu fu) or a towel! 一條毛巾 (yat tiu mou gan) (A stick of hair towel.)

A carton of fags, interestingly, also takes the classifier 條: 一條煙 (yat tiu yin) and then there’s my favourite way to introduce my friends, causing some people to laugh and others to frown (they are good friends so used to a lot) 呢條友 (Li tiu yao) (This stick of friend) which translates roughly as “this creature” or “this git.” I’m still waiting for the real explanation!
But apparently the 條 (tiu) rather than 個(go) which is the normal classifier for people, makes the “friend” less than human. A stick of person – yeah, that must be an insult.


I learnt a new verb today. A taxi driver asked me “有冇 搶香蕉呀?" Yau mou cheung heung chiu ah? (something like that) – Have you CHEUNG bananas?
I thought it meant ‘hoard’ but arriving at the character via an article in Apple Daily, I found that 搶 means rob or grab.

He also told me that HK people are cheung-ing rice, salt and oil like mad. ‘Make a run on the supermarket’ – one word! I like that.

But why? Just to be fashionable? I sauntered into my local Park’N’Shop and it was business as usual. According to the taxi driver the shelves in the rest of Hong Kong are robbed clean. 搶 baby 搶!



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