Today’s Classifier:間

一間茶餐廳 “Yat Gan Cha Chanteng” – One Room of Tea Restaurant. “Gan” 間 is the classifier for buildings and rooms, as in 一間廁所 “Yat Gan Chi So” (One Room of Toilet) – A Toilet,  一間酒店 “Yat Gan Jau Dim” (One Room of Hotel) -A Hotel, and 一間屋 “Yat Gan Uk” (One Room of House) – A House.

The above cha chanteng is, by the way, the Honolulu Coffee  and  Cake Shop in Stanley street, Central,  in fact a Chinese restaurant with some western food characteristics, and the place where I carry out most of my work in my tireless drive to make Cantonese a world language. Swing by one day, why don’t you!

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