Today’s Expression: 霧 (including Today’s Weather Condition)

嘩!今日好大霧呀。Wah! Gam yat hou daai mou ah. (“Wow! Today well big fog ah”)  –  My but it’s foggy today.

Oh, and if you’re surprised that it’s foggy, you could say: 咦?咁大霧嘅? Yi? Gam daai mou geh?  (“Yi? Such big fog geh?”) What a heavy fog? (I expected lighter or no fog.) 

You can also say: 霧好犀利呀 。Mou hou sai lei ah. (Fog well formidable ah)  or 0的霧好犀利呀。Di mou hou sai lei ah.

Yep, it’s foggy, and has been for quite some time. But you’ll be glad to know that while you fumbled around with three meter visibility this weekend, I was in glorious Guangdong province, rejoicing in perfect weather conditions, my friend even getting a sunburn.

Oh, the pig get-up? We were shooting a Cantonese video about swine flu. You can watch it on YouTube soon. And if you want to see the place above, which is very close to this place

you can come with me on a China Tour. You won’t believe how close to Hong Kong this place of no fog 冇霧 (mou mou) is.

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