Careful What You Wish For


I must write about Lantau again, because yesterday I interviewed Merrin Pearse, the leader of LIM (Living Islands Movement) whose introduction to the government’s “vision” for Lantau’s and therefore the people of Hong Kong’s future made me break out in a cold sweat and throw up in my mouth.

Basically, the island will be razed to the ground before it is reborn as a Phoenix made of concrete and covered in tile, complete with 1 million new people and about sixteen new multi-lane roads with a few tunnels and MTR stations thrown in. Oh, and some bushes and a sandbox to accommodate all the people who will drive their cars over from hong Kong for ‘recreation’.


It made me think about the halcyon days when we only had a mega-super prison and a 1970s technology rubbish incinerator to worry about. Ha! They were merely red herrings, ruses, it now turns out. We stupidly thought that if we could only stop these projects (and a handful of others) they would leave us alone. But after the incinerator project was approved the mask has well and truly come off and we see that the government’s real plan has been to ruin the entire island all along. And all to fill the pockets of a couple of property developing construction company owners.

Here is a film I made about the incinerator:

垃圾焚化爐 – Lap sap fan fa lou (Rubbish incinerator)
香港政府 – Heung Gong jeng fu (Hong Kong government)
消遣 – Siu hin (recreation)

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