Today’s Classifier: 套

套, mainly classifier for films, as in - 套戲,yat tou hei – a ‘wrapper'(?) of film. Possibly from when films came in big metal cases. By the way, the origin of 戲 hei is ‘Chinese

Today’s Classifier …s! 樖 and 架

That’s right; double whammy today! The classifiers for vehicles and trees!!! 樖 (po) is classifier for trees and plants (but a flower is 一枝花 (yat ji fa) a twig of flower. 呢樖樹好X靚呀。(Li po syu hou

Today’s Classifier: 隻

Yes I know I’ve done 隻 (jek) before, but then I saw this 水牛,seoi ao, yesterday morning, and was lost in classifier-ation once again. It seems that classifiers are simplifying and that people often use

Today’s Classifier: 0的

Well, it’s not really a classifier as such, because classifiers are used to classify specific things, as we’ve seen before in for example:  我有兩隻狗,(o yau leung jek gau) – I have two dogs. 0的 (di)

Today’s Classifier: 件

You thought it would be something about fog again, didn’t you? No, it’s about clothes. Not sure what the above item is, so let’s just call it: 一件衫 (yat gin saam) A piece, or item,

Today’s Classifier: 個

                                                         四個四川人 – sei go sei chyun yan

Today’s Classifier: 條

一條路 (Yat tiu lou) (one stick of road.) Well, footpath really, but you get my little driftie. Yeah, I love 條。It’s the classifier for long and thin, bendable or bending things, like a river: 一條河

Today’s Classifier: 張

   一 張相 (yat jeung seung) (a sheet of photo.) Flat, rectangular things have the classifier 張。Also things that in the past have been flat and rectangular, like a sofa, (used to be a bench)

Today’s Classifier:間

一間茶餐廳 “Yat Gan Cha Chanteng” – One Room of Tea Restaurant. “Gan” 間 is the classifier for buildings and rooms, as in 一間廁所 “Yat Gan Chi So” (One Room of Toilet) – A Toilet,  一間酒店 “Yat

Today’s Classifier

Repeat after me: YAT JEK GAU 一隻狗 ONE DOG That’s right! “Jek” (隻) is the classifier for mammals, things of which there are two (一隻眼睛)yat jek an jeng (one eye), round things, so an eye

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