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Mainland Improves Everything

Bamboo Forest

Come with, come with on a Cantonese language seminar to Guangdong province! Before it disappears.

Today’s Classifier …s! 樖 and 架

That’s right; double whammy today! The classifiers for vehicles and trees!!!
樖 (po) is classifier for trees and plants (but a flower is 一枝花 (yat ji fa) a twig of flower.
呢樖樹好X靚呀。(Li po syu hou ekksie leeng ah) This tree is damned beautiful. 不過架車冇咁靚。(Bat goh ga che mou gam leeng) However the car isn’t so beautiful. Yeah, we’ve done 架,(ga) before. It actually means frame – or shelf. A shelf of car (or bus); easy to remember, right?

Ah yes, sleepy backwater Pui O, where all cars, no matter how old, are always respected and keep their place in the sun. They never have to suffer the indignity of being chopped up or removed or anything.



Cards! (Who Wants To Play?)

I just rediscovered this film when a viewer had a question about the rules. Watching it again, I think it’s actually quite good. And suddenly I’m dying to play cards!

Let’s start a cho dai di club! Meet in Central once a week. What say you?

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