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One-to-one individual training 

We offer private Cantonese classes.

The benefits are many: You choose the time and place and can make changes at short notice.  You can pay for a set amount of lessons and take them at your leisure within a certain period.

You will get to your goal (full mastery of Cantonese followed by world supremacy – or being able to argue with a Hong Kong taxi driver if that is your ambition – much faster and with none of the frustration that could occur when you feel that team-mates are holding you back.


One-to-one individual Cantonese classes

One-off crash courses

We offer private Cantonese classes.

These popular courses are centred on you! Whatever topic you need to immerse yourself in; pub-hopping Cantonese, dim sum Cantonese, menu reading in Chinese, taxi Cantonese – Happy Jellyfish Language Bureau has a course for everybody. As for location, the sky (i.e. the northern border of Guangdong province) is the limit!


One-off crash Cantonese course

Cecile Gamst BergMy name is Cecilie (pronounced Cecilia) and I'm a Cantonese fundamentalist, meaning I aim to put the FUN back in MENTAL.  I will show you how easy Cantonese is and how speaking only a few words of it will completely transform your Hong Kong/southern China life. 

I have been working tirelessly for many years to put Cantonese where it belongs: On top of the linguistic food chain. Yes, I want full world domination (supremacy) for Cantonese, while of course allowing the other languages to live too. 

To achieve this not unreasonable goal, I do hand-to-hand language instruction for groups and individuals, I make Cantonese instruction videos and film documentaries from Hong Kong and mainland China, I write articles for South China Morning Post and I write books. I make podcasts for RTHK and for my own channel, and I do a little blogging in my spare time. 

Oh, and I arrange dinner parties and cook Sichuan food on my roof overlooking the South China Sea. 

Canto forever! Cantonese rules! 

Cecilie (pronounced 'Cecilia' - NOT Cecile!)

You can take personal lessons from me, join a Canto group or download my teaching videos straight to your phone or iPad. If you want we can make podcasts together as we negotiate the markets and restaurants of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the small towns of Guangdong province.

I don’t think language learning and the typical school situation have anything to do with each other, so you will therefore not be referred to as my “student” but as my client or victim. I will also not be your “teacher” or “tutor” but your plumber; someone you pay to open up blockages and facilitate the flow of language.  The most important thing about this course is it should be fun. Apart from the learning sessions, full of laughter and giggles with only a minimum of violence, we will issue you with a social life and the chance to visit many places in China with your plumber/guide. You also have the chance to star in our Cantonese course on YouTube.

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